Wanted: experts in the Organ-on-Chip field

In the context of a graduation project (Manufacturing Systems Engineering) carried out by Nick Gartsen in the group of Regina Luttge at Eindhoven University of Technology, research is being carried out on the status of the Organ-on-Chip ecosystem.

The study aims to gather insights from experts across various fields to understand the current landscape, challenges, and opportunities within this innovative area of research and application.

If you are such an expert, the researchers would very much appreciate if you can help them by completing the survey, which takes about 8-10 minutes.

Please click on the link to start the questionnaire: https://forms.office.com/e/xBmNtDvJGF

Your responses will be treated with confidentiality and used solely for academic purposes. The outcome of the survey is considered for publication only in a fully anonymous manner, both in the final report as well as in a potential journal publication.

Interested in this project or the results of this questionnaire? Please send an email to Nick Gartsen (N.h.a.gartsen@student.tue.nl).

Regina Luttge.

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