EUROoCS 2024 Awards for hDMT Researchers

Andrew Morrison

Henrique Nogueira Pinto

This year EUROoCs was a collection of excellence, with interesting talks and engaging round table discussions showcasing the best of Organ-on-Chip from Europe and beyond. We are thrilled to announce that 2 hDMT researchers, Henrique Nogueira Pinto and Andrew Morrison from Amsterdam UMC were honoured with awards for their outstanding work presented at the conference.

Henrique Nogueira Pinto, Amsterdam UMC, delivered a compelling talk on “Connecting the Blood-Brain Barrier to Cerebral Organoids in a membrane-free hiPSC-based organ-on-chip platform,” demonstrating innovative approaches to studying complex brain interactions. He received the 2nd place prize for oral presentations in the Young researchers category.

In that same category, Andrew Morrison, also from Amsterdam UMC won the 3rd place prize. He presented his groundbreaking research on the “Development of a perfused vascularised lymph node-on-chip,” which advances our understanding of immune system dynamics and disease modelling.

Their achievements underscore the excellence and impact of hDMT researchers in advancing Organ-on-Chip technologies. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Henrique, Andrew, and all the other prize winners for their well-deserved recognition. Truly an amazing achievement.

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