Reflecting on EUROoCS 2024: A Milestone Event for hDMT Partners


The EUROoCS Conference 2024, held from 3-5 July 2024 at Politecnico di Milano in Milan (Italy), was an energetic event showcasing the latest developments in the Organ-on-Chip (OoC) field. A big thank you to the organizers, in particular Marco Rasponi and Paola Occhetta and their team for their hospitality, time and enormous energy to make this conference a great success.

We are extremely proud of the significant contributions of hDMT partners who played pivotal roles as speakers, session chairs, and poster presenters, really emphasizing the strength of the Dutch Organ-on-Chip community.

One of the key highlights was the launch of the International Organ-on-Chip Standardization Roadmap, presented by Andries van der Meer (UTwente). This roadmap is a crucial step towards unifying and accelerating the development and application of OoC technologies worldwide. More details about this groundbreaking initiative can be found here.

Jaap den Toonder, hDMT board member, chaired the National Initiatives session, where several national collaborative efforts, including hDMT, were presented and discussed. At the national initiatives table attendees of the conference were treated to a live demo of the Translational Organ-on-Chip Platform (TOP) and were informed about other hDMT initiatives.
See video hDMT consortium here.

We are also proud to celebrate the achievements of Henrique Nogueira Pinto and Andrew Morrison, both from Amsterdam University Medical Center, who received awards for their outstanding oral presentations at the conference.

The hDMT community’s active involvement and success at EUROoCS 2024 demonstrate our commitment to advancing OoC technologies. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts and celebrating future milestones together.

See more photos of the EUROoCS 2024 meeting here



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